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Drew Barrymore Talks about Motherhood

April 28, 2014 Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore

Actress Drew Barrymore talks about being a mom. Barrymore and her husband Will Kopelman welcomed their second daughter Frankie on April 22.

"Olive is a year and a half now so [the girls] will be close together in age," she continued. "I think, just get it done – it will be awesome!"

The gorgeous mommy says she is a hands- on mother and she loves having her private family time.

"We spend every weekend together," Barrymore continued. "We don't have a babysitter. It's just us. I can't wait to see how that's going to work out with the second one!"

"My parents split up before I was born and my dad was just never capable of being a father," she said. "It's something I really accepted and became okay with early on. But it's shocking to me that someone can make that choice. As much as I accepted it with him, I could never accept it in a partner…for some people showing up is just not possible and that is incredibly frustrating. When you become a parent, and think about what kids need, it is very emotional."

Barrymore says due to this she appreciates fathers like Adam Sandler even more who shares a fantastic relationship with his daughters.

"There are moments in [my new] film [‘Blended'] that really get me – like the way Adam is with his on-screen daughters is so good, it breaks my heart," she went on. "That's how he is with his own kids, and it's very touching. I also really related to the tantrum scene. When my daughter's in the middle of somewhere having a little meltdown, you feel like you're the only person in the world dealing with that. But it's also really funny and silly, too."

Drew further adds, "I'm interested in directing in the future but that is such an all-consuming job," Barrymore said. "When the kids are in school and they don't need me all day long, maybe there's a way to balance it. Other people have figured it out so there must be a math to it. I wouldn't trade bringing up my kids to do that but in a few years I'd like to think about it again."

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By: Maverine Lane

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