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Emma Roberts Talks about Kissing James Franco

May 12, 2014 Emma Roberts, James Franco

In their latest flick, Emma Roberts has an intimate scene with co-star James Franco.

"It wasn't [awkward], because James is so lovely and he didn't make it weird," Roberts told us at the Hollywood premiere of the film this week. "It wasn't weird, but there was definitely a point where you're like, ‘How much longer until you say cut?'"

Roberts added, "What people don't realize is people are always like, 'Oh, you got to make out with James Franco. I'm like, 'Yeah, and 30 people stood there and watched!' It's so not romantic at all."

"Guys, girls, everybody. My mom was asking about it. I've never had so many people ask me about a kiss that wasn't even real in my whole life ever."

Roberts says that she had earlier read James Franco’s short stories years ago. "I read James Franco's book literally the day it came out," the 23-year-old gushed. "I got it at Book Soup in L.A. when they were putting it on the table. I read it in three days and I remember calling my manager and being like, ‘If this gets made into a movie I have to be in it.'"

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By: Maverine Lane

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