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Emma Stone Speaks about Sensitive Boyfriend Andrew Garfield

April 29, 2014 Emma Stone, Lorde

Emma Stone has pretty much everything planned for her for the next 5 years. At the age of 25, Emma is unfazed by the pressure the actors carry in their 20’s.

While speaking to Alica Quarles, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 actress was quizzed about her 5 year plan. "Happy...with people I love," she said, before adding cutely, "and maybe asleep!"

She also talked about the one thing she'd want to change about herself and why it's "ridiculous" when words—especially Andrew's—get twisted by the press.

Speaking of Andrew, the 30-year-old Brit said because he's "a sensitive guy," he cries "a lot." Because of that emotional intuition, perhaps, Spidey himself has a lot of admiration for Lorde. He's not worried, either, about the 17-year-old falling victim to the common pitfalls of fame at a young age, explaining her "credence is about merit," and joking he might could learn a thing or two from her!

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By: Maverine Lane

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