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Eric Decker Talks about Parenthood

July 23, 2014 Jessie James

Eric Decker recently became yet another hot dad in Hollywood.

The E! star and his wife Jessie James recently welcomed baby girl, Vivianne Rose, and that paired with the fact that Decker was signed to the New York Jets has thrown the couple into quite a whirlwind. But these two have been doing quite well, regardless.

"Parenthood is definitely an adjustment in itself, but it's the most beautiful thing," the first time dad tells E! News exclusively, and added that his lady (who is still currently in Nashville) is "a great mother. Obviously it's changed what she's able to do—she's gotta breastfeed, she's gotta be around, the baby needs her more than she needs me at this point and she's loving it though.

"And she's itching to get into the city, back working again. She's doing some things musically. And some business stuff, so we're both looking forward to just being a part of this community and taking advantage of the opportunities it has."

But of course, along with becoming a first-time parent comes many surprises.

"The biggest thing that surprised me is you're uncertain, you're so nervous and anxious that you'll do something wrong but those instincts take over, you just figure it out," Decker tells us.

"Every baby, every child is different. You can read certain things on how to do certain things but you find out what your way is, and that's the beauty of being a parent is that you not only grow with your child but you grow with your other half—with my wife—and you really get that spiritual relationship which has been so tremendous."

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By: Maverine Lane

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