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Eric Stonestreet claims he was just tipsy not drunk at the AMA

November 21, 2012 Jimmy Kimmel, Eric Stonestreet

Modern Family actor Eric Stonestreet startled the media and fans after his recent appearance at the just concluded American Music Awards.

The actor looked like he had had one too many that night that made many believe that he was drunk. He come under fire with many criticizing him for being drunk on the stage.

The comedian was quick on defense saying he wasn’t drunk. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Stonestreet said he might have taken some drinks that night but he was certainly not drunk.

“I was not drunk. I was tipsy! There is a difference”, the actor said.

After defending himself,Kimmel asked the producers to play the clip and when Stonestreet saw it he agreed saying “Yeah yeah, Totally. But boy, that’s the first time I saw it and wow, is that guy drunk or what?”

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By: Maverine Lane

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