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Eva And Her Tats

October 22, 2012 Eva Longoria, Tony Parker

Eva Longoria had a tattoo done on her neck when she was still married to Tony Parker. Now, she has a nasty red blotch on the back of her neck. Why? Well, even if it looks nasty she is probably thrilled about it because it used to be her ex-husband's basketball jersey number.

Over this year, she has had around 3 laser treatments done to erase her Tony Parker-inspired tattoos, the latest treatment was for the "nine" tattoo on her neck. The others include the wedding date tattooed on her wrist and the supposed initials of Tony that were reportedly put on a very private location.

Treatments that can remove tattoos don't happen overnight. It usually takes multiple sessions. So, it looks like Eva will be a fresh canvas again in a few months time. All ready for her next man.

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By: Maverine Lane

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