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Eva Longoria talks about Politics and Re-union of Desperate Housewives

April 28, 2014 Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria has dabbled into politics before but now she will produce a documentary regarding importance of the Latino vote in America.

"We wanted to do the Kickstarter campaign in the same vein of a democratic process…We're trying to show Latinos, you matter, you count," Longoria tells E! News exclusively.

"[Latinos] made such a difference in getting Obama elected in 2012 yet we still have one of the lowest turnouts among all ethnicities and we still have the lowest turnout in midterm elections so that fact that you can be energized to turn out for a presidential election but not motivated enough to elect the people you have to work with, I think that's a problem."

She added, "One of the things we want to let Latinos know is that you have got to show up in midterm elections, too."

So how come Longoria decided to share her message through a documentary format?

"I feel like documentaries can really humanize an issue through a narrative, through storytelling where people can digest information and facts a lot easier," she told us.

"It just a presentation of facts about what's going to happened with demographic changes in the United States with Latinos."

Once Longoria is finished with the documentary, is there a chance that she may reprise her role on the hit show Desperate Housewives? Well, most likely not…

"I think Marc [Cherry] is super busy and successful with Devious Maids," she revealed.

"We fully explored the range of each character and Marc always says that there's really not much more to tell. But I love the girls and I miss playing Gaby."

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By: Maverine Lane

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