Joe Faris Of 'Project Runway' To Makeover Motor City With 'Fashion In Detroit'
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Joe Faris Of 'Project Runway' To Makeover Motor City With 'Fashion In Detroit'

July 27, 2009 01:28 pm CDT 

America's car manufacturing headquarters of Detroit, Michigan, with all its industrial largess, is outwardly the last place fashion would thrive. As quite the testament to the adaptability of its economy and people, Motor City will become the site of the two-day Fashion In Detroit fete this October 1 & 2. The brainchild of Project Runway alum and Birmingham native Joe Faris, the high-style parade will be held in ubiquitous tents dotting the Detroit Zoo.

On his purpose for organizing the spectacle, Faris comments, "This event is to put a fashion spotlight on Detroit and create a venue that fills the needs of many locally based designers and the Detroit fashion community."

Along with the presentation of two lines by Faris, Fashion In Detroit will showcase 12 separate collections worn by top modeling talent on a 60-foot runway. A VIP reception for the top names in fashion and entertainment, an Afterglow rock concert and a "Made in Michigan" anthology will be packed into the two-day affair.

StyleLine magazine editor Karen Buscemi will host the event. She is joined by designer Leslie Ann Pilling, FIGO salon owner Rino, international fashion photographer Lians and international art director K'Kio Hardin who all compose the Fashion In Detroit executive committee.

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