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Prps Boyfriend Jeans Sell Out When Katie Holmes Starts Wearing Them

September 19, 2008 Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Kate Hudson, Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Tom Brady

Hollywood stars have long been known to be fashion trend-setters, and actress Katie Holmes is no exception. When Holmes was photographed wearing a pair of relaxed-fit Boyfriend jeans from Prps, the brand quickly sold out.

Prps, a luxury denim brand, just launched its first-ever women's lifestyle collection in the States - and thanks to Holmes, they promptly sold out of one of their key looks.

Holmes, who is currently starring in "All My Sons" on Broadway, has been seen regularly wearing the Boyfriend-style jeans since relocating to New York. Holmes favorite style flew off the shelves before Prps could even "officially" launch their line.

Celebrity News Service was not surprised to learn that the company's founder and creative director believes the actress has had an influence on increased sales. Actress Kate Hudson appeared on a recent talk show wearing the jeans, claiming that she loved their comfortable fit.

The brand's jeans have been a favorite of celebrities for years, being worn by David Beckham, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Tom Brady.

Prps is now ready to influence Hollywood's leading ladies with a collection that includes three models of jeans: a skinny cut, boot cut, and Holmes's favorite, the Boyfriend.

The company's founder said the Boyfriend jeans were inspired by his wife, who loves to wear his jeans around the house.

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By: Maverine Lane

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