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FatBoy Slim Opens Japanese Restaurant

May 1, 2008 Zoe Ball, Fatboy Slim, Jamie Oliver

Fatboy Slim has opened a Japanese restaurant. The DJ and musician liked the food in his local eatery so much, he has gone into partnership with Okinami's owner, Mike Dodd, to relocate the restaurant to central Brighton, South England.

Fatboy - real name Norman Cook - had been eating at the original branch of Okinami in nearby Hove for 11 years.

Rumors are already suggesting a turn in the kitchen could be on the cards for Cook, who will no doubt be asking for advice from his friend, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Cook told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "Jamie Oliver is a big mate of my wife Zoe, so he has encouraged me a lot. I'm forever phoning him up if I don't understand certain things. He once rang me back from Australia to tell me how much a glug of olive oil was!"

Cook - who is married to radio presenter Zoe Ball - says since the birth of their seven-year-old son Woody he has left his party days behind and explored his love of cooking.

He added: "Since my son Woody was born, I've become a real foodie. I cook a pretty mean risotto. It's a real labor of love, and there's always plenty of homemade stock knocking about in my house."

Okinami was recognized as one of the top five sushi restaurants in England by the Observer newspaper in 1997.

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By: Maverine Lane

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