Fired LA Coach Drowns Sorrows At A Food Chain
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Fired LA Coach Drowns Sorrows At A Food Chain

November 10, 2012 Mike Brown, .

Ex-coach .com/celebs3/mike_brown'>Mike Brown was just spotted at Chick-Fil-A right after he got the sack. It looks like nothing relaxes a man more after being fired than a good chicken sandwich.

He was spotted picture taking with a few of the staff of the said chain at around 11:30 AM, probably just a few hours after the news about his firing broke to the public because of the bad record LA Lakers had under him.

We were told that even if he just got the chop, he was relatively very nice to the fans who wanted to take pictures and shake hands.

It should be noted, however, that in a certain photograph, he was obviously talking to Jim Hill because he was carrying his phone at the time.

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