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Forest Whitaker frisked after being wrongfully accused of shoplifting

February 16, 2013 Forest Whitaker

Award winning actor Forest Whitaker is not amused with Milano Market staff after he was wrongfully accused of shoplifting and frisked in public.

Whitaker said he was leaving the market when he was stopped by a deli employee who accused him of taking an item out without paying for it.

He says he was humiliated by the actions of the employee who even when he knew that it is was 'the Whitaker' went on to check his him.

Sources say the employee frisked Whitaker treating him as if he was a common criminal.He feels that his rights were violated.

The actors representative said it is unfortunate that Whitaker was treated this way when he had just walked out of the deli.He is not amused that store employees are treating patrons this way.

The rep added that frisking an individual without evidence is a violation of ones rights.

The millionaire chose not to call the authorities because the employee who frisked him was scared he would lose his job.Whitaker asked the the employee's to treat shoppers well.

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By: Maverine Lane

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