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Former Nanny Claims Steven Seagal Was "Nice And Respectful"

April 22, 2010 Ray Charles, Steven Seagal

Here's someone on Team Seagal. One of Steven Seagal's former female employees claims the martial arts expert was a gentleman towards her. Sonam Choezon, served as a nanny in the household in'96, claims the aikido black belter was "always very nice and respectful."

Choezom told TMZ that she met the 58-year-old actor through a relative who was active in Tibetan Buddhism. After they met, he learned that her father was very ill so he offered her a job in the U.S. as his nanny so she could afford her father's health care.

She then moved from Nepal to Seagal's household. She noted that the actor never once made any sexual advances toward her, adding that the sex allegations against him "surprised" her.

Meanwhile, the two women who gave affidavits supporting Kayden Nguyen's lawsuit reportedly never even worked for him.

Blair Robinson, soul pioneer Ray Charles' granddaughter, and another woman claim that Seagal sexually harassed them while they worked for him.

However, RadarOnline.com reported that Robinson and the other woman were never under his employ. Robinson auditioned to be a singer for him in 2004. She also tried to get a job as his assistant, but she was never hired.

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By: Maverine Lane

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