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From bad to worse for Chantelle Haughton and Alex Reid

October 30, 2012 Alex

They have a four month-old baby together but Alex Reid and Chantelle Haughton are not in talking terms after things got from better to worse in the past few days.

Last week, Chantelle in an interview broke down and cried saying Alex turned into a different person from the one she met. Before they broke up, they had had a huge argument that police were called to their Brentwood Essex home when the fight escalated. Consequently Alex was arrested.

While apart, Chantelle said things had gotten a lot better between them but this week, it is a different story.

In her New! Magazine column, Chentelle writes “Alex and I have taken a massive step backwards after we begun to get on better last week.

“When he was being reasonable, I, like a fool thought Oh my God, maybe he does actually give a s***”.

Chentelle feel her ex-fiancé is manipulating the situation to make it look like he’s making a real effort. In addition to his manipulation, the cage fighter is reported to have been messaging girls asking them for sex.

About the alleged text messages, Chantelle said “A girl messaged me on Twitter to say Alex had asked her for sex. She is not the first. He’d been asking girls to send him pictures and various other things I cannot say in my column”.

Alex is single now and he can do what he likes but I think his timing is a bit sick really”, she added.

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By: Maverine Lane

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