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Gabriel Aubry claims Olivier Martinez threatened to kill him

November 27, 2012 Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez

Spotting a black eye and cut face in newly released images, Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry has obtained his own restraining order against Olivier Martinez who was involved in a fight with during the Thanksgiving week.

Gabriel sure got a beating! The images are very shocking to look at. He has a swollen black eye, cuts under his left eye, forehead and the bridge of his nose. In addition to beating him up the Frenchman is claimed to have threated to kill him.

The 36-year old hunk has now taken a restraining order against her fiancé after the incidence in which he ended up hospitalized with broken ribs and a bruised face. According to TMZ, the emergency protective order is valid until December 17.

In his declaration, Gabriel said that when he went to Nahla's school play, the day before Thanksgiving, Martinez whispered in his ear in French "I wish I could beat the sh*t out of you now.

"You are lucky we're in a school right now. We're going to take Nahla right now and you're not going to follow us".

Like a hutched plan, Martinez went out to receive Nahla when Gabriel dropped her even though a nanny always acts as a go between. Martinez then asked Aubry to have a talk in his car.

Aubry claims that Martinez knocked him to the ground, took his head and slammed it on the concrete drive way while accusing him of costing Halle $3million due to custody battle.

Aubry added that Martinez said "We called the cops. You're going to tell them that you are the one who attacked me, or I'm going to kill you". He also hopes to prove his innocence with the help of the CCTV footage.

He said "I told the police that Martinez is the one who attacked me and repeatedly told them to get the security tapes from Ms. Berry's security camera's before she and Martinez deleted them".

Sadly for Gabriel, he stands a chance of losing the custody of his daughter in case he is deported back to Canada, Rader Online reported.

The model is in the USA on a work Visa and being arrested for child abuse, domestic violence, assault or battery is not good for a non-citizen. If arrested, one might be deported even before he is convicted.

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By: Maverine Lane

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