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Gene Takes A Trip On X Factor Auditions

June 18, 2012 Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons just spent Fatherís Day in an X Factor audition in Oakland! Yes! You read it right! But no, he wasnít there to audition himself. He accompanied her daughter, Sophie, as she took her shot in the famous TV show.

Sources say that she actually didnít tell her parents about the audition until the night before. Gene was supposedly in Las Vegas and Shannon, his wife, was in Los Angeles when Sophie broke the news. She told her dad that she wonít be able to make it to Fatherís Day due to the auditions. So, Gene, the ever loving father, flew and went to Oakland instead!

He made it a point to support her daughter during her audition but says that the day wasnít about him. He wanted the judges to give her daughter a fair shot not just because she was Gene Simmonsí daughter.

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By: Maverine Lane

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