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Gerard Pique will not work with hot models – Shakira

March 26, 2014 Rihanna, Shakira

Shakira and her hot Columbian BF have a deal between them. Keep away from hot men and women of the opposite sex when working. That’s the reason why the recent steamy video of Shakira and Rihanna “Can’t remember to forget you” didn’t have any sex male bodies.

The soccer player had made it clear that he doesn’t want Shakira to work with hot men. Now Shakira has returned the favour to her BF. While talking to a radio show for her release party, she said, “I'm happy to report those restrictions go both ways” and added, “I have rules too. It’s two sides, you know. He can’t do stuff with models either”

Talking about the arrangement, she said, there, “We're one of those asphyxiating couples, smothering each other all the time” It's good when you're man's protective of you. He's a defender. He defends the goal. That is his job, so he knows how to do that well”

Well whatever works for you guys. Just be happy together.

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By: Maverine Lane

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