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Golden Globe actresses use St. Tropez custom body finish kits before the show

January 20, 2011 Cheryl Hines, Katey Sagal, Giuliana Rancic, Rebecca Mader

The Golden Globes may have just happened, but numerous awards shows will follow soon - the SAG awards, the Oscars - and with those award shows, St. Tropez Custom Body Finish will be in demand, too.

Besides gorgeous gowns, skin consultations were provided to numerous celebrities, including Rebecca Mader, Katey Sagal, Cheryl Hines and Giuliana Rancic. St. Tropez's VIP skin finishing expert, Fiona Locke, provided the leading ladies with skin-finishing consultations before the Golden Globes and the show's after-parties.

"Flawlessly glowing skin is key for any red carpet event such as the Golden Globes," Locke said. "St. Tropez's Custom Body Finish and different product ranges are perfect for providing stars with a radiant look For Giuliana, I used contouring to enhance her muscle tone and her already beautiful, dark complexion. For Kelly, I applied a very subtle layer of St. Tropez skin-finishing solution because Kelly has a paler complexion. All of the ladies on the red carpet who received the Custom Body Finish look naturally radiant."

This year, St. Tropez provided the industry's top make-up artists with specialized "Red Carpet Ready Kits" containing a selection of St. Tropez's versatile product ranges. Judging by the celebrities' usage of the product - and the photos show the effect of St Tropez products - even more will be requesting it at the next awards show.

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By: Maverine Lane

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