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December 3, 2013 Al Pacino, Britney Spears, Jay Z, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Howard Stern, Katy Perry, Russell Brand, Bill Hader

There is something about the lifestyles of celebrities that peaks our curiosity and makes us want to know more about them. More than anything, we are keen to see the rich and the famous screw up in their lives and most of us follow celebrity news to learn about celebrity screw-ups. The fact is there is nothing about celebrities that will actually surprise us, including sex videos, drug abuse, sexual assault or any other thing that comes to our mind. Tomorrow if someone tells you that Britney Spears was secretly married to Osama Bin Laden, you would probably find it amusing. Most of them will just shrug and say, “So what!! These celebrities are whacked in the head and can do just about anything to be in the news.”

But then there is a totally different side to this story! There are some celebrities who are unsung heroes and are definitely worth mentioning, especially for their gallant behavior. Let us take a quick look at some heartwarming stories that will restore your faith that celebrities too can be good human beings.

#5 - Tom Cruise the Life Saver

The first thing that comes to our minds when we think about Tom Cruise is Scientology. There is a general assumption that Tom Cruise has a huge ego and every step he takes is based on his religious ideologies. What came to our notice that this devout Scientologist is as much as a hero off screen as much as he loves saving the world on screen.

One of those instances was when Tom was relaxing on his yacht and noticed a sailboat that was in flames, sinking slowly. Instead of waiting for help to arrive, he sailed his yacht towards the accident and saved all the victims. On another instance, Tom witnessed a hit and run accident. He first called the paramedics, ensured the victim was taken to the emergency room, stayed with her throughout the ordeal and as an icing to the cake he paid her medical bill of $7000 once he came to know she wasn’t insured.

Another instance that comes to our mind is during one of his movie premieres where he saved a young boy from getting crushed to death due to a frenzied mob. No wonder his publicist announced after series of incidents like these that “If I ever get in trouble, I just hope that Tom Cruise is nearby”.

As per comedian Bill Hader, his co-star from Tropic Thunder, Tom’s inclination to be a part of the action somehow always warns him if there is any danger around him, which keeps him on his toes. In the film Tom played an unusual character of the foul mouthed, bald and overweight studio exec Les Grossman. While shooting for the films promo for the MTV movie awards, Cruise happened to overhear Hader, who seemed worried about his family back home in New York as there was an attempt to set off a car bomb in the surrounding area. Hader had 2 more days to return back home, but Tom being a life saver that he is, went into fast forward mode and finished directing the rest of the footage flat within an hour, which in reality was to be shot over 2 days,. The funny part was he was still dressed in his Karate-Gi, which also proves the fact that somewhere deep down; he is still a nutty celebrity.

#4 - Keanu Reeves donates his money

Very few consider Keanu Reeves to be a Hollywood A-list talent, especially since the sad Keanu meme hit the news. However, if you get to know him, you will realize that Keanu in fact has a lot of reasons to be miserable.

What is surprising is the fact that in spite of his bad luck spree, Keanu is still a much worthy man than what others make out of him. He is the kind of a person who tries to make a difference in the lives of those around him. Keanu became the caretaker and provider for his sister when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. He cooked for her, timely administered her medication and generally took care of her when she was sick. He didn’t think twice about putting his career on hold in the bargain and also donated millions of dollars to the hospital treating his sister so that they can advance their research in curing Leukemia.

Not just that, he even won the sympathy of his studio bosses, who usually do not have a good reputation and mostly know as greedy sons of bitches. These studio bosses agreed to finance his indie films provided he agrees to star in their mega budget movies too. They were aware that Keanu wasn’t particularly interested in their money, which he confirmed by signing away a share of his earning so that the studio bosses could afford stalwarts like Al Pacino and Gene Hackman for their roles in The Devil’s Advocate and The Replacements respectively.

Keanu never cared for his money and that showed when he donated his Matrix paycheck of $80 million to the special-effects team and the costume designers of the trilogy. As per him, they deserve all the credit for the movies success. He further mentioned that “Money is one of the last things I think of, I can survive for the next few centuries on what I have already earned”.

So if you are in dire need of money, just get a job as a crew on one of the films he is working in. Most of the times, he buys breakfast and lunches for every member of the crew and in some cases also surprised some by gifting them a Harley Davidson. There is news of him paying off debts worth $20000 for his crew members too.

I guess after learning all this about him, we really don’t mind the Hobo look he sports usually. If he is into it, let him be. He is still a much better person than most stars we know.

#3 - Russell Brand camaraderie with the homeless

We have heard of a lot of celebrities who write checks for the homeless and indulge in charities. After all it’s not very difficult to pay a few thousand dollars for a good cause when you spend thousands of dollars for the upkeep of your pets. However when the time comes to interact with these homeless people, most stars prefer their bodyguards to deal with them.

Not when you are Russell Brand.

British comedian and ex alcohol/heroin addict Russell Brand has been there and is well aware of the situation when you lose everything. Thank god celebrity-hood didn’t get to his head, especially since he was hobnobbing with the Katy Perry’s of the world. Brands behavior demonstrates that he hasn’t really lost touch with his caring side that strives to make lives better for the homeless population. So when he isn’t busy trying to get inside the pants of another supermodel, Russell does something that most stars avoid doing; helping homeless people in person.

There was this time when a car hit a random homeless guy and sped off, scattering the poor fellows belongings on the pavement. Russell stopped his car and picked up the man’s stuff himself. Forget celebrities, even commoners like you and I would think twice to stop and help a homeless man with the fear of getting our bones broken from a speeding vehicle running us over. However, this good Samaritans attitude inspired a lot of other drivers to pull over and give a helping hand to the poor homeless guy.

No, this wasn’t a onetime deed; rather, Brand has been spotted on the streets of LA a lot many times, hanging out with the homeless. He has even provided them with breakfast, offered them clean clothes and also taken them along for the same AA meet that he himself attends.

As per an interview with Howard Stern, Brand confessed that he likes to take homeless people for dinners and spend time with them and give them company through the night. Even the homeless people have a lot of interesting things to say about Brand but he claims, what they say makes him perceive them as Jesus.

#2 - T.I. the man who saves lives

Like a lot of celebrity rappers, Clifford Joseph Harris, stage name T.I. has been through his share of prison visits on drug and weapon charges. The rap industry is full of stories about their sexcapades, pot and all possible drugs, so when someone talks about a Good Samaritan from this industry, many eyebrows are raised. One such person from the rap industry who has a whole new side to him is famous rapper T.I. who saved the life of a man who planned on committing suicide by leaping over the ledge.

Surprisingly there was a police task force inside the building, trying to convince the man from jumping and killing himself. T.I. walked over to the police and said that he knows what exactly needs to be done to get the man down without the content of his skull spread all over the pavement. He quickly recorded a video, where he coaxed the man that nothing about his life can be as bad as the gruesome death he was planning.

One can only fathom whether the man was a fan of his music or was even aware who this guy (T.I.) was, since he isn’t exactly Jay Z in the world of rap. But who cares as long as T.I. was successful in getting the man down without jumping over the ledge. Maybe all he needed was someone friendly who could give him the assurance that he needed.

After this incident, T.I even met up with the man in the lobby of the same building and seems like T.I. had a magical influence over the guy as it didn’t seem the man would try anything like that again. The police officers thanked T.I. for his help and time and in the bargain, T.I. was successful in distracting them from the fact that he could have ended up revoking his probation on charges of marijuana possession, as he was carrying at that time.

#1Johnny Depp, The Good Guy in Real Life

How many of us get frustrated by the fact that our partners, men and women alike, assume that they are with Johnny Depp, especially in the Jack Sparrow attire, while in bed with us? As a third person it is so much easier to assume that if we were Johnny Depp we could be high when we want and enjoy all the attention of the opposite sex that the universe can possibly throw at us.

But the reality is a far cry from what we mortals assume. In reality, while shooting for the Pirates of the Caribbean 4, the entire crew had to face rough cold weather. What do you think Johnny boy did? Well he shelled 40,000 Sterling pounds from his own pocket and ordered for 500 coats for the entire crew.

Well, when it comes to Johnny’s eccentricity (in a good way) that wasn’t it. While shooting for his film Public Enemies, a young fan requested if Johnny can give him his Fedora that was a part of his costume for his character John Dillinger. Johnny didn’t sit the boy down and gave him a lecture on how one doesn’t always get what he/she wishes for. Rather he arranged for the fedora to be sent to the boy and along with that he also sent some merchandise from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the young boy’s siblings. Isn’t that thoughtful of him to give them the right stuff instead of sending them merchandise from the gangster flick?

In fact Johnny’s valiant behavior has given him a reputation of some sort of small time Batman, since the time he saved some extras on the set, when he noticed an out of control stunt car ramming towards them. It is said that he threw himself in front of the crew and shoved them away from the path of the uncontrollable car. The fact that Johnny has a heart of gold when it comes to animals too can be verified by the fact that he saved the life of a horse by adopting him. This incident happened on the sets of the film Sleepy Hollow, as the production house was supposed to put the horse down since it was old and weak.

There is another story about Johnny, where he and a friend were walking out of a recording studio, when they were attacked by a mugger, who swung a broken bottle at them. Believe it or not, all Johnny had to tell the guy was to “back off” and the guy actually mentioned “I ain’t gonna steal from Captain Jack Sparrow” and walked away.

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