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Is Cruise Cruising?

April 11, 2013 Morgan Freeman, Ryan Seacrest

It's been almost a year since the Cruise-Holmes breakup and the rumor mill is churning about a potential new love interest for the Oblivion star.

In case you're oblivious, Oblivion is the the hot new Cruise movie which co-stars Morgan Freeman.

Cruise was happy to talk about the movie on the red carpet today before the premier of his sci-fi thriller, but he was mum about his love life.

No surprise there!

Pretty Jullian Hough is the name being thrown around as a potential new love interest for Cruise.

No surprise there either!

Hough was on "Live! With Kelly" the other day and admitted she had a "mad crush" on Cruise after her lap dance scene with him in "Rock of Ages." The scene was reportedly so steamy, it had to be cut from the film. (As if prime time television were any better!)

Hough recently told PopSugar, “You have no idea, he is the sexiest thing I have seen, besides my boyfriend.” (Good thing she remembered to mention the boyfriend.)

Hough has been dating Ryan Seacrest for the past two years.

She's probably gushing about Cruise to get Seacrest back for the marriage proposal he faked on American Idol.

Seacrest asked Hough for her hand in marriage on live television and then basically said, "just kidding!"

What a guy, huh?

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By: Maverine Lane

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