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Jackie Chan retires from action movies

May 18, 2012 Jackie Chan, Robert De

58-year old Jackie Chan has retired from acting action movies. He made his statements when promoting his 100th flick “Chinese Zodiac”. Jackie said “This will be my last action movie”.

Jackie who is known for his energy and humour said he is giving up action movies so he can become the Asian Robert De Niro. Unlike many movie stars, Jackie never had stunt men playing his parts. Jackie said “I tell you, I am not young any more. I am really tired.”

Speaking to reporters, Jackie hinted that he intends to be a true star. He said “I don’t just want to be an action star. I want to be a true actor. So far the last ten years I’ve done other films like ‘The Karate Kid where I’d rather play an old man. I want to be an Asian Robert De Niro.

“I want the audience to know I am not just about fighting, I can also act. And so dad by day, year by year, I said I’m going to show you the real Jackie Chan”.

Jackie started his career as a stunt man.He worked with Bruce Lee in 1972 in the movie ‘Fist Fury. Since the 70’s Jackie has made his name in action movies winning numerous awards and featured in more than 100 movies ,which he did his own stunts.

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By: Maverine Lane

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