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Jake Gyllenhaal Breaks his Knuckles

November 15, 2013 Jake Gyllenhaal

We all manage to get a boo boo at some point of time. Jake Gyllenhaal too had a bad time this morning while shooting for his new movie, by socking a mirror. The Brokeback Mountain star has sliced his hand so bad that it had to be stitched up to stop the bleeding.

As per sources, Jake was shooting for his new movie Nightcrawler and somewhere in between he got too frustrated with his surroundings. In his frustration he punched a mirror with his bare fist. The mirror shattered and also ended up slicing his hand. His fist is damaged due to his antiques but luckily he was rushed to a nearby ER.

That helped in treating his injury on time and preventing further damage. The star was released the same evening as the timely treatment helped him get relief soon. What is commendable is the actor returned back on set the very next morning.

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By: Maverine Lane

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