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James Franco - Failed attempt to pick a teenage girl on Instagram

April 3, 2014 James Franco

Actor James Franco reportedly attempted to pick up a girl all of 17 by the name of Lucy Clode, a Scottish tourist via Instagram. A series of screen shots have been leaked suggesting that Franco could not meet the teen.

Clode, who was visiting New York, bumped into Franco at his Broadway show just before her 18th birthday. She shot an Instagram video with Franco and he replied with “You gotta tag me."

In all possibility, the messages on Instagram could have been forged but looks like Clode did ask Franco twice to send an identity proof.

Here is a transcript of their alleged Instagram conversation:

Franco: Hi

Clode: hi

Franco: Where do you live?

Franco: NYC?

Clode: Scotland

Clode: In a small town called Dollar

Franco: How long will you be in New York?

Clode: Oops sorry, um a few days it's my 18th birthday present

Franco: You're 18?

Franco: Who are you with?

Franco: Do you have a bf?

Clode: Nearly 18, my mum and not if you're around

Franco: When is your bday?

Franco: Where are you staying?

Franco: What's your #?

Clode: In May but I have exams then, just off of Times Square in Hilton, what do you mean #?

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By: Maverine Lane

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