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James Franco, Academy Award writer slam each other for poor Oscar job

March 22, 2011 Anne Hathaway, Bette Midler, James Franco, Bruce Vilanch

Los Angeles, CA, United States (AHN Entertainment) - Let the blame game begin! After the recent Academy Awards was dubbed the most boring show in Oscar history, writer Bruce Vilanch and this year's co-host, James Franco, are blaming each other for a poor job.

Vilanch opened up to the Vulture blog of New York magazine about the "127 Hours" star's mediocre hosting job with Anne Hathaway, saying that Franco probably didn't realize the enormity of the gig until he was actually doing it.

Vilanch said, "He has so many balls in the air, he didn't get to town till Thursday before the show on Sunday. And so we emailed a lot. But we had a lot of meetings. He had a bunch of people who were writing for him, and if it had been him alone, it would have been different."

"But it was him and Anne Hathaway, and they both had to be serviced. So there was a lot of communication beforehand. But he didn't get there."

"I don't think he realized how big a deal it is to do it until he was actually confronted with it. I think he thought he would kind of… I don't know what he thought. I thought maybe it was a performance-art prank, and then I realized he sincerely wanted to do it. But it's outside of those guys' comfort zones."

Franco responded by tweeting a photo of him and Vilanch at the Oscars' backstage during what it seemed like a happier time. The photo contains a dialogue bubble that reads: "James f***** up the Oscars. Trust me, I know comedy. I mean, come on, I write for Bette Midler!"

He has since deleted the graffiti-covered picture, though Vulture still has the screenshot.

Vilanch wasn't the first one who criticized the 32-year-old actor's performance. After the event, critics and viewers noted Franco's barely-there attitude. While people predicted that Hathaway wouldn't be funny as a host, they were expecting Franco to save the day. He didn't. He just stood there and delivered his lines blandly, while his co-host tried so hard but failed to make the audience laugh.

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By: Maverine Lane

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