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Jason Segel quits Twitter over a sandwich vs burrito debate

July 16, 2014 Jason Segel

While stars have left Twitter in the past, we have never encountered a reason as odd as this one. Jason Segel, who starred in the popular sitcom, How I Met Your Mother recently decided to leave the social networking site after sparking an online-feud over sandwiches and burritos!

Segel says “At one point, at 3AM, I was deciding between eating a sandwich and a burrito, and I ate a sandwich. It was delicious, and I tweeted: 'Sandwiches are better than burritos.' And then there was a firestorm of debate."

His tweet reads “Burritos are all very similar. They taste the same. They are not like sandwiches” He tried to then make amends by posting a picture of him with a burrito on a plate in one hand, and captioned the pic with “Ok. Burrito lovers. I made a giant delicious burrito. Get off my back. It's still not as good as a sandwich. Sorry” Well, what can we say? Guess people take their burritos very seriously!

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By: Maverine Lane

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