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Jenna Dewan-Tatum Talks about Couples Massage with Husband Channing Tatum

June 25, 2014 Chelsea Handler, Jenna Dewan, Channing Tatum

Jenna Dewan-Tatum and husband Channing Tatum had visited a spa in Canada, which turned out to be the most humiliating experience.

The Witches of East End actress stopped by E!'s Chelsea Lately Tuesday, where she laughed about the ordeal. "In Vancouver, there's an Indian spa—and they don't tell you this—they take you in there and they put you in a sari and then they take it off, so you're completely butt naked," Dewan-Tatum said.

"You're normally naked but it's like dark lighting. First of all, there were really beautiful Indian women, so already I was like, 'Maybe I'm regretting this.' And then I'm watching Chan be mortified—this is the funniest part—because I'm sitting there in the steam so I go first and I'm like, 'Oh, he has no idea,'" the 33-year-old TV star said of her 34-year-old hubby. "Like, she saw him just sitting there naked and then they bring him out and he's just completely naked, and she completely knows who he is, obviously."

"With his penis out?!" host Chelsea Handler asked.

"Yes!" Dewan-Tatum replied. "He looks at me like, 'I am going to kill you.'"

"It was quite mortifying for both of us," she added.

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By: Maverine Lane

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