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Jennifer Lopez says Casper Smart is amazing with her kids

January 15, 2014 Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart

It seems Jennifer Lopez is not keen to get married for the 4th time. However, by no means does it mean that she isnít happy with boyfriend Casper Smart. Rather she says he is an incredible guy who makes her happy and he absolutely helps her to maintain a work and home balance. She said that Smart is extremely wonderful with her twins.

She said that Casper is extremely fantastic but when asked whether he is a good father figure, she said, ďI donít like the word father figure, but heís fantastic with the kids and he helps me very much with my work. It was his idea, he knew I had the idea to do Ďsame girlí and go shoot that in the Bronx and he was like, Ďwhen are you going to be in New York again? Come on Iíll do it with you, letís go do it. Letís put that dream down for you.Ē

Jennifer and Smart have been together for a while now, despite the 18 year old age gap between the lovers. But all said and done, even though they are extremely happy, Jennifer doesnít want to get married again. Just yet!!!

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By: Maverine Lane

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