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Jenny McCarthy reveals she met new boyfriend on a blind date

January 13, 2011 Jim Carrey, Sharon Stone, Eve

Jenny McCarthy met her new man on a blind date. The 28-year-old sexy comedienne, who has been in a relationship with Jim Carrey for five years before they split in 2010, tried blind dating to find a man, which fortunately went well after five tries.

She told host Ellen DeGeneres on her show, which aired Wednesday, that she asked friends to set her up on blinds dates this winter. But while she had her fair share of bad dates, she ultimately found the man for her.

She shared, "The first blind dates were these really bizarre dudes that were like, 'Do you know Sharon Stone?' And I'm sitting on a date going, 'Well, I know of her. I've seen her in movies.' 'Well, do you think you can get an autograph?'"

On her fifth try, her friends introduced her to Paul Krepelka, a Boston sports agent who has an accent so strong that McCarthy said she can't understand anything he says.

"His accent is so strong, it's like 'Good Will Hunting' strong, that I really can't understand anything he says to me. He could've proposed to me and I could've said yes by now and I have no idea. And I'm really happy."

Krepelka is the same "random dude" McCarthy was seen kissing on New Year's Eve on national television. They have been dating for five weeks now.

But while the relationship seems to be going on fine, McCarthy still hasn't introduced her 8-year-old son to her new boyfriend.

She said, "Evan is, by the way, on the strictest VIP meet and greet, which is like six months. I don't have guys meeting him on a cycle. That boy is very important to me."

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By: Maverine Lane

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