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Jimmy Fallon finds out he had a chance with Nicole Kidman but blew it

January 6, 2015 Nicole Kidman, Jimmy Fallon

Holy shizzles, Kidman! If Jimmy Fallon could back to the past, he would be pummeling the version of his past for blowing up the chance to date Nicole Kidman.

The actress revealed that Jimmy could have actually dated her while recalling the story of how they first met in the early 2000s through a mutual friend named Nick, who offered to introduce the duo by bringing Nicole to Jimmy's NYC apartment.

The Aussie actress said that she actually "liked" the then-SNL star and considered the visit a "hangout" while a horrified Jimmy thought it was actually an audition for Bewitched.

He had no idea that the Oscar winner was crushing on him and did little to impress her.

“I just remember I liked you,” she recalled of their first encounter, which had high-end snacks like corn chips, saltine crackers, brie cheese and leftover Chinese food.

"You didn’t talk. You didn’t say anything. You were like ‘Hey, mm, mm, mm,’” she continued. “So I was like, ‘Okay… so…’” But the final nail in the coffin was when Jimmy "put on a video game."

Nicole admitted, "After about an hour and a half, I thought, 'He had no interest, this is so embarrassing.'"

The look on Jimmy's face after he realised that he actually had a chance with Nicole is priceless. Watch the entire hilarious interview here:

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By: Maverine Lane

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