John Lennon - Killer Got Denied of Parole
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John Lennon - Killer Got Denied of Parole

August 23, 2012 John Lennon, Beatles, Yoko Ono, .

It was just reported that .com/celebs/john_lennon'>John Lennon's killer was denied a parole. He reportedly asked for parole just recently but it looks like he will remain behind bars for now.

Mark David Chapman, the very person who shot .com/celebs/john_lennon'>John Lennon in front of his apartment in 1980, was actually convicted of 2nd degree murder and is serving a 20 year to life imprisonment. Apparently, this is his 7th time to go in front of the parole board. But it looks like the correction officials in NY are all .com/celebs/beatles'>Beatles fans because they still deemed that he is not ready to rejoin the rest of society outside of the correctional.

MDC shot Lennon 4 times in front of his wife, .com/celebs/yoko_ono'>Yoko Ono. According to his testimonies, he did so in order to become famous.

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