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Josh Hartnett Drank "Cup Full Of Vodka" After Crashing Private Party

April 8, 2009 Josh Hartnett, Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson

Josh Hartnett drank a "cup full of vodka" after crashing a private party. The "30 Days of Night" actor - who was hospitalized with stomach problems last week - and four friends had been partying at the bar in Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont on Friday when they heard about another bash in a hotel room.

A source said: "They turned up at the room and were told that they weren't welcome but somehow Josh got in and left all of his friends standing outside on the doorstep. He made his way into the kitchen and poured himself a teacup full of vodka."

When asked what he was doing, Josh replied he simply wanted to pour shots of alcohol for everyone.

The source added to FOX News: "He slammed down the teacup, walked out the front of the door and yelled, 'I guess I owe you a sip of vodka!'"

Josh's representative branded the claims "ridiculous" and refused to give further comment.

The actor was not the only celebrity to try to gain entry to the party.

Lindsay Lohan - who was banned from watching her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson DJ in the bar earlier in the evening - also hoped to get an invite.

The "Mean Girls" actress failed to gain access but wouldn't give up without a fight - after having the door slammed in her face she proceeded to bang on it for a full minute before giving up.

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By: Maverine Lane

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