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Julie Bowen Tries to Find Out about Herpes Using Twitter

April 28, 2014 Julie Bowen, Tweet, Jimmy Kimmel

Julie Bowen’s fans were a little taken aback by their favourite Modern Family star’s tweets.

"How do you know when you have herpes? Asking for a friend." Julie write on Thursday.

No. The friend is certainly not Julie Bowen. Moreover the tweet turned out to be complete joke.

It was actually a part of last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live where she wound up playing game called “Tweet Totter.”

Sure enough, Bowen lost the first round, resulting in the aforementioned tweet being posted.

Round two also went to Kimmel, and Bowen had to then send Pope Francis the following, "@Pontifex What's your problem?"

Julie, fortunately survived the the final round (with a little help from Guillermo), which meant Kimmel was left tweeting, "(-*) that's my butt."

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By: Maverine Lane

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