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Justin Bieber fragrance expected to be biggest launch yet

June 30, 2011 Justin Bieber

New York, NY, United States (Celebrity News Service) - Justin Bieber took to Macy's Herald Square to release his female perfume line to a frenzy of adolescent screams and voices singing Bieber's hits.

Macy's executive may be just as excited as the female fans who adore Bieber.

"This is going to be the biggest launch we've ever had," Muriel Gonzalez, Macy's executive vice president and general merchandise manager of cosmetics said in a statement.

Gonzalez pointed out that the social media component has helped revive the celebrity fragrance category.

Bieber tweeted to his fans to meet him at Macy's.

Bieber has said that he has no plans to release a male fragrance because he is more interested in how girls smell.

"Guys are the people smelling the perfume on the girls. It's not the other girls, so I think that's the smarter thing," Bieber said in a statement.

Bieber's debut perfume line is called "Someday."

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By: Maverine Lane

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