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Justin Bieber gets more enemies after boasting that he is very rich and talented

March 14, 2013 Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber just turned 19 and since then,he has been making headlines in the negative sense.He was involved in a fight with a photographer in London,called off his show in Portugal and now he made fun of people who are having financial crisis.

His speech of criticism was posted on Instragram where he said it must be scary to some people to think that it is just the beginning for him because he know his talent level.

The Canadian singer trashed those comparing him to Lindsay Lohan. He asked them to look at Lindsay's 2012 tax statements.

He was simply meaning that Lindsay has no money while he has billions of money.

Before deleting the post everyone had read about how Justin does not deserve negative press because he is a good person.He said he has been told to keep the press happy but he is tired of it.

And he isn't going to rehab neither is is family disappointed in him.He went on to say that his family is very proud of him.

Many people were more angered when he said he does not care if anyone believes in him because he believes in himself.He also mentioned that he works hard to get where he is.

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By: Maverine Lane

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