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Justin Bieber to go on Trial for the DUI case

February 25, 2014 Justin Bieber

Well this one does come as a surprise, knowing that Bieberís camp didnít try for a plea deal. But as per sources close to the Canadian Crooner, Justin and his Miami Prosecutors do not want a plea deal for the DUI case and the case will definitely go on trial soon.

The prosecutors offered Justin a content plea but it came with a lot of strings attached. The most important was that Justin would have to accept random drug testing every 6 to 9 months. Of course this is the main condition that will keep Justin away from the plea deal, as everyone knows Justin will not stop his run with drugs just yet.

Justin Bieberís attorney, Roy Black said he is all set for battle in the courtroom once the case goes to trial. Well, the result of the case will be interesting as certain facts point to the fact that for real Justin Bieber wasnít drunk. Well time will tell

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By: Maverine Lane

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