Justin Bieber Video Scandal
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Justin Bieber Video Scandal

October 12, 2012 Justin Bieber, Skin, .

.com/celebs/justin_bieber'>Justin Bieber just got his computer stolen! So, what, you might say? Well, the thief apparently is blackmailing the Biebs and is threatening him that he will release some of the sex scandals that Justin has stored in his gadget. Sources even say that the thief plans to leak the videos tomorrow!

Bieber, on the other hand, backfired and tweeted that he knows that no matter what the thief has and wants to post tomorrow, he knows that his fans will never leave him. So, who's the thief? Well, it seems like the thief just had his account started yesterday and use the account name @gexwy. It seems like he just made an account to get under Bieber's skin.

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