Justins Grieves For The Loss Of Mrs Bieber
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Justins Grieves For The Loss Of Mrs Bieber

September 26, 2012 Justin Bieber, .

It is definitely a sad news especially to Beliebers or fans of .com/celebs/justin_bieber'>Justin Bieber. It was just reported that Mrs. Bieber, Avalanna Routh, just died due to the complications of her cancer problem.

Avalanna is a 6 year old fan of Justin who got to spend time with him last February because of a Facebook campaign that allowed her dreams to come true and fly to the Big Apple to meet her idol. In their meeting, Avalanna was able to spend at least 2 hours with Justin as they played around and exchanged playful kisses on the cheek.

Justin just tweeted that he just got the worst news ever because one of the greatest spirits he had ever known is gone.

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