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KaleyCuoco-Sweeting Reveals Her Pre-Emmy Ritual – And It Will Shock You

August 26, 2014 

We are in a world where before any major event you will find women crash dieting, exercising and starving themselves to look flattering.

It is safe to say KaleyCuoco-Sweeting is not one of those women.

The Big Bang Theory actress chowed down a McDonald’s hamburger and french-fries before heading for the 2014 Emmy’s!

You don’t believe us? But we have proof!

The 28 year old star uploaded a pre-Emmy picture of herself devouring the junk food (while wearing her stunning Monique Lhuiller gown), with the caption "Emmys. Here I come."

Cuoco-Sweeting shared quite a few pictures on Instagram: a pic of being zipped into her stunning red gown and a picture with her co-star, Jim “Sheldon Cooper” Parsons.

Let’s just say, the hamburger and fries? They disappeared somewhere, because they never showed up on Cuoco-Sweeting’s hot bod!

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By: Maverine Lane

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