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Kanye West rammed over 30 blows to the man who abused Kim

January 15, 2014 

We informed you yesterday how a young man who allegedly called Kim a ‘n***a lover’ and other names was beaten up by Kanye. As per eye witnesses at the scene, Kanye punched the guy more than 30 times, like a boxer.

As per the eyewitness at the chiropractor’s office, the unsuspecting youth was just sitting in a chair waiting for his turn. Suddenly Kanye entered the room and started punching him in the face, without saying a word or explaining why he was being hit. Of course Kim stood there and watched the guy being beaten to pulp, without saying a word.

The receptionist tried to interfere and kept screaming ‘stop’ ‘stop’ but it seemed like Kanye had entered the office with an intension to pummel the young man and didn’t intend to stop. Finally they were set apart by the massage therapist and asked Kanye to walk out of the building. Well, the situation seems extremely gory and by all means, looks like Kanye is in for a lot of trouble.

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By: Maverine Lane

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