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Kate Gosselin Vows She'll Be Back on TV

September 13, 2011 Matt Lauer, Kate Gosselin

Have no fear: Kate Gosselin will be back on TV, the reality star and current PEOPLE cover girl repeatedly made clear Monday morning.

With Monday night bringing to a close her TLC show Kate Plus 8 - and ex-husband Jon Gosselin imploring Kate to get a normal life - the reality star said in a live interview with Matt Lauer on Today that she's concerned for her show's "devastated" fans whom, she said, must feel like they are losing their favorite next-door neighbor.

As for her own reaction to ending a six-year run in front of the cameras, she admitted to mixed emotions. "There is some relief," she said, [but also] there is sadness, because it's the end of an era."

There is also the fear of what future opportunities might - or, now, might not - exist for her children. With her role as a mother being to "give them the best opportunities available," she sees TV as able to provide that.

Jon's advice about finally stepping away from the TV cameras and living life normally was totally rejected, though. "Jon may be acceptive of mediocre for his kids," she countered. "I want the best for my kids."

When Lauer suggested that the ratings dip that plagued this latest TV incarnation of the Gosselin family adventures was due to the absence of the attention-grabbing bickering between Jon and Kate, and that the kids' cuteness just wasn't enough to sustain the show, Kate admitted that he may be right.

What she called the drama that played into the tabloids - "the distracting factor," she terms it - did contribute to the ratings.

But does she want another reality show? "It would have to be the right one," she said, while making clear she wishes to stay on TV. And not alone.

"I'm sure you will see my kids again at some point," she said.

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By: Maverine Lane

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