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Kate Middleton Hacked about 155 Times

May 15, 2014 Kate Middleton, Prince

Kate Middleton's phone was hacked 155 times, starting on Christmas in 2005, as per the statement of the former News of the World royals editor Clive Goodman.

This Journalist is known to have spend his time in jail in 2007 for hacking into the voicemail accounts of royal aides, revealed that he has hacked into the duchess phone about 155 times, while Prince William's phone was accessed 35 times and Prince Harry was hacked nine times.

"There has been no intention to deceive you or anybody else about my involvement in hacking," Goodman said during proceedings at the Old Bailey in London, per the Daily Mail "If anyone asks me an open question, I will give an open answer."

"There were discussions about her and Prince William marrying, moving in and settling down," Goodman recalled. "She started to receive semi-royal status around the Royal Family."

He was further asked by a lawyer about why he never came clean about these hacking victims before, to whom Goodman replied, "I'm not on trial for phone hacking, and I completely agree I hacked these people's phones," Goodman said. "But they were never put to me individually."

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By: Maverine Lane

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