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Kate Middleton is not pregnant again – contrary to reports

December 30, 2013 Kate Middleton, Prince

The Duchess of Cambridge was talked about a lot because of a baby bump, which was reported all over the tabloids. ‘STAR’ magazine ran a report stating ‘It’s official: Kate’s pregnant again!! Thanks to the report people already started thinking of Prince George as an elder brother, but the report turned nothing but mere rumors.

As per the report, earlier this month, Kate Middleton was spotted pushing the stroller on the Kensington gardens ground and showed off a ‘developing baby bump’. They also went ahead and claimed that at a recent charity event, Kate was glowing and it seemed like it was a fresh pregnancy glow and she also rested her hand “gently on her stomach” on what can be assumed was a growing baby bump.

But all said and done, the rumours have no truth to it and it is official that Kate Middleton is not pregnant. Though Kate never responds to any gossips of this stature, this time she opened up and said that this is 100% not true. Well we hope to hear some news on this front soon and next time hope they aren’t rumors.

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By: Maverine Lane

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