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Kate Upton Talks to Vogue

July 3, 2014 Kate Upton

Kate Upton is allegedly dating a series of men as per reported by tabloids.

In an interview with British Vogue published Thursday, the 22-year-old model-actress admits, "Reading things about myself that aren't true drives me crazy!"

"I've managed to block it out," says the Other Woman star, "but my family really hasn'tso they'll read about me and then call me up saying, 'Are you alright? I saw this happened,' and mum call and say: 'Well, I saw you went to Vegas, when you could have come to the family reunion...' and I'm like, 'mum, I swear, I'm in Europe!' It's insane!"

Kate, of course, would never fib to her family about her whereabouts. It was her mom, actually, that provided her with a key career boosting (and life enhancing) piece of advice! "My mother always taught me that smiling when you walk into a rom is the best beauty secret," she says, "so if I'm nervous when I walk in I just smile, and I think everyone warms to you quicker that way."

"Sometimes people look stern when I come on set, just because they're concentrating or getting ready for their day," she tells British Vogue, "but I'll chat and smile and finally I break them down!"

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By: Maverine Lane

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