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Kathy Griffin gets death threats after Demi Lovato tweet remarks

March 27, 2014 Kathy Griffin, Demi Lovato

It may have started off as about expressing views and opinions but the Demi Lovato and Kathy Griffin Twitter Banter definitely turned ugly towards the end of the day. Kathy had started off by calling Demi “the biggest douche bag celebrity” but things got bad when fans of the singer got involved in the same.

Lovato’s fans that she fondly calls Lovatics started sending hate messages to Kathy. To this, Demi said, “I love you guys so much but y'all gotta chill with sending hate towards other people. "Regardless of what they say or do. The cruel things some of you are saying can really, REALLY hurt people. It's called cyber-bullying and something’s should NEVER be wished upon EVER. No matter WHAT!!"

She added, “Be an example for other haters. I know my #Lovatics are better than that. I really appreciate you guys always having my back but this is going way too far." She also tweeted a special message for Kathy, which read, “"@kathygriffin no one should ever wish those things upon ANYONE. I apologize on others behalf. I do NOT approve of that at all. Sorry 4 that”

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By: Maverine Lane

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