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Katy Perry spotted for the first time since her split with John Mayer

March 11, 2014 John Mayer, Katy Perry

Yes, by now we are used to the fact that John Mayer and Katy Perry are done with each other for good. John was of course spotted earlier last week with a dishelved look on his face stepping out of his hotel. But this is the first time since the split that Katy has been seen.

Katy was spotted with two friends as she attended a movie at Arc light cinema in Los Angeles over the weekend. Katy tried to remain incognito and was seen casually dressed in a black beanie, gray leggings, glasses and a sweater. She maintained a straight face when she was photographed by the paps.

Katy tweeted on Saturday, “You know your friend is a good one when you catch her putting Vodka in her pressed juicer greens 2”. The pop star is known for her strict diet and also known to have cut alcohol and fatty foods from her diet. Well, Katy we think now is the time to binge and drink, especially that you have just gone through a break-up. It doesn’t hurt once in a while.

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By: Maverine Lane

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