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Keiry Knightley Speaks about Her Salary on Glamour

June 11, 2014 James Righton

Keiry Knightley appeared on the cover of Glamour’s July issue 2014 and spoke about her $50,000 salary.

"I think living an expensive lifestyle means you can't hang out with people who don't live that lifestyle," the 29-year-old beauty muses in the latest issues of Glamour magazine while looking stunning on the cover in a pink backless Altuzarra dress. "It alienates you. Some of my best most hilarious times have been in the least luxurious places."

After taking a yearlong break from film, the Anna Karenina star is back and better than ever following her marriage to Klaxon keyboardist James Righton. The two said "I do" in France last May and despite her seemingly wedded bliss, the actress admits she's never been the marrying type.

"No! Not at all!" she replied when asked if she's always been a fan of marriage. "Actually my parents kept saying 'Why bother?' I think they only [got married] to get a mortgage. But when James proposed, I just thought, Well never done that before. It seemed like a fun thing to do."

Knightley received a lot of flak for donning a shocking Channel number for the Tribeca film festival in April.

"When we were getting ready that evening, we were all going, 'They are soooo going to hate me in this, but they're so wrong.' Apparently the reason they were so mean was because they thought the dress was unsexy. I wasn't intending to be sexy. This idea you have to be sexy on the red carpet—that dress made me very happy."

Knightley has also found happiness as she near her thirties after admitting to loathing her teens and early twenties.

"There are those who manage that time of their lives really well—doing a lot of partying and making a lot of mistakes and thinking the world is only there for you, but I was way too introverted, and there was always this s--tload of photographers, who made it worse," she confessed to the mag. "When I hit 25, for some reason I didn't care anymore—I allowed myself to chill out. Since then, everything's been amazing."

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By: Maverine Lane

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