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Keith Urban Says Goodbye to His Long Hair

November 27, 2013 Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban

Country Singer and American Idol judge, Keith Urban, who is famous for his long locks and was seen sporting a new look. The singer bid adieu to his signature dirty blond highlighted locks and was seen rocking a new haircut, which looked super cool on him.

The Australian singer shared pictures of his new and improved haircut on Twitter and tweeted “Snow ain’t the only thing falling in Nashville today”. This reference was meant for his hair that was lying all around the barbershop. Urban who is married to Hollywood superstar Nicole Kidman seemed happy with the change in haircut and received generally positive comments on his new look.

Keith isn’t the only celeb to sport a new hair-do in the recent past. Just yesterday Paulo Patton got rid of long brunette locks and transformed into a chic bob. Even Jessica Alba colored her tresses blonde late last week, but thankfully returned to being a brunette at the beginning of this week.

All said and done, Keith’s hair looked yum on him and we wish he had made the move early on. Like they say better late than never!

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By: Maverine Lane

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