Kelly And The Fray Helps Injured Stagehand
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Kelly And The Fray Helps Injured Stagehand

August 8, 2012 Kelly Clarkson, The Fray, .

.com/celebs/kelly_clarkson'>Kelly Clarkson and .com/celebs4/the_fray'>The Fray just reportedly donated money to an injured stagehand. This is just proof that some celebrities really do care about others.

So, what really happened? Well, it all happened back on the 1st of August. While setting up for Stronger/Scars&Stories tour, the stagehand, 57 year old, suffered a stroke. According to his employers, he was actually offered a health insurance but didn't sign up for it.

Now, when the concert promoter approached Kelly and .com/celebs4/the_fray'>The Fray to sign a get well soon card, they did more than that!

They actually grabbed all the cash they had on hand and donated it to the old man. How much were they able to collect? Sources say it's around $2,200!

The stroke victim is still in the ICU but a fund is now being set up for his family and medical bills.

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