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Kendall Talks about her Experience with Vogue

June 2, 2014 Anna Wintour, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner

The 18-year-old Kendall Jenner had definitely carved a niche for herself apart from featuring on Keeping Up With the Kardashians show.

Kendall is all over the runways of Fashion Week, across various magazines and Vogue happens to be one of them.

"I get more and more comfortable with everything. It's fun though, it's the world I wanna be living in, so it's awesome," she tells E! News' Ken Baker while speaking to us with Kylie Jenner behind the scenes of a photo shoot for their PacSun summer collection.

Jenner was recently on French Vogue, an opportunity she first heard she landed while doing Fashion Week earlier this year.

"I remember hearing about it and I freaked out and I was so excited. It's a dream. It's incredible. I feel like when something like that happens and you're in the moment, you don't know how to react. It's so surreal. And then it comes out and you see it and it's just a dream," she said.

And as for Anna Wintour? "She's always been very kind to me. She's really awesome."

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By: Maverine Lane

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