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Khloe Kardashian Reveals Her Diet Plan

April 17, 2014 

The reality star who was spotted with French Montana has been showing off her hot body and inspiring all to get fit.

Gunnar Peterson, her trainer gave out a few details of her diet plan.

"Khloé works so hard. She's killing it in the gym. There are no shortcuts," he told us.

As for a regular workout regimen, Khloe will do plyometric pushups.

"It's like doing a jump with your hands. It's where you are pushing off the bench and landing back on it. It's a lot more demanding and stressful. It really works your whole body specifically the chest, triceps, and core," Peterson explains.

Her trainer has apparently customised her workouts and has been making her do “rotations with a lot of repetition," anywhere from 15 to 20 reps or 24 to 32 depending on the weight she's uses.

"You get definition from repetition…that includes repetition in the act of going to the gym. Khloé comes in three, four, five times a week, and that's someone who has an incredibly demanding schedule," he told us.

Khloe has been religiously following the diet as per her trainer’s advice.

"Try to eat food in its closest to natural state as possible. If you eat sugar, eat it early in the day. Sugar is like white death!"

"Eat defensively. If you are going to an event, eat beforehand, so you can combat the finger foods and avoid temptation."

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By: Maverine Lane

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